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Why choose a ByKay?

In a baby carrier your baby will be a part of the family at a very early age, in a very natural way. With the safety and comfort of the baby carrier, the baby absorbs the multitude of stimuli that come to him or her from their surroundings (according to Evelin Kirkilionis, a German behavioural scientist). The baby will structure these stimuli, relate and react to them. According to this research, a good balance between safety and freedom will result in a better sense of safety and trust, which in turn will form the basis for a positive self-image and confidence.

Over the years, dedicated mum of four Kay Poelen developed her very own fun style of natural parenting. Early on, she discovered the many advantages of using a baby carrier: skin contact, security, a practical way to have your child close while keeping your hands free. She brought an age-old method of baby-carrying into the 21st century, by designing fashionable, comfortable baby carriers made of high quality fabric. In fact, ByKay designed a complete range of ergonomic baby carriers, so there’s a perfect for everybody’s needs. ByKay's dedication serves only one purpose: to have as many babies and parents enjoy a more relaxed way of life using a baby carrier!